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Shelf Life an organizing company

Located in Central New Jersey

Servicing clients locally & virtually!

Do you find yourself surrounded by things you have kept past their shelf life?

 It is my company's mission to help my clients see the value of decluttering and organizing by prioritizing their goals and wellness over keeping possessions that separate them from the lifestyle they truly want to live. 


Learn more about Professional Organizer Joelle Criss in her very first blog post!

When do I need to hire a Professional


If you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Does your clutter cause you anxiety to the point where you don't see any resolutions?

  • Have do-it-yourself tips not been working for you?

  • Is your schedule restricting you from being able to put the time in to correct your clutter?

What do I do before home organizing session?


Do what you always do!

Do not attempt to clean or tidy.

Following this step allows me to give an accurate recommendation

 of what action needs to be taken.

Give notice

Let family and friends know they can not visit during this time. It slows the organizing process.

If possible, try to find a sitter for children and pets that could delay the organizing process.

Be honest

I am a professional ready to help you with your clutter! Do not be too anxious or nervous to tell me the truth. This is a judgement free zone!


Getting all the contents in the room out in the open gets us ready for sorting and cleaning.


Put items into Keep, Trash, Sell/Donate, or Belongs in another room piles. 

Clear Out

Remove all items except what has been chosen to be kept in the room.


Sort out the Keep Bin by category and put each item in its new home.


Enjoy your new clutter free high-functioning space!

The Process

Where in your home would organization serve you greatest?

  • Living Room

  • Family Room

  • Home Office

  • Kitchen

  • Bedroom

  • Bathroom

  • Play Room

  • Attic

  • Garage

  • Mud Room

  • Basement

  • Laundry Room

Have A Quick Question?

Joelle Criss, Professional Organizer


Tel: 484-716-9335

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