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Let Your Routine Run You!—Pushing through projects on auto-pilot

Our routines have taken quite a hit lately! We have had to be more flexible and exercise patience every single day. Being at home more, for those of you working from home, or being at home way less than we are used to, for my essential peeps, has caused us all to need to rethink our routines. Now I know during a high stress time we may get a strong desire to just throw away our whole schedule and do what we feel on a day to day, but I want to caution against that because it’s a habit that will need to be broken when orders are lifted and we are expected to be productive in our new normal. However, I would like to encourage everyone to increase the number of their carefree and joy-filled days because we need an influx of happiness during tough times. Everything in moderation!

When developing a routine include your entire household. If you are solo this part is easy, but if you are living with multiple family members include everyone in this routine. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a routine for your household:

Adult-only households: I am going to suggest a separate routine for each adult. Keeping family members in the loop about what you have going on is KEY when trying to set aside time for important virtual work meetings or calls. This gives everyone in the household a set block of time to work uninterrupted allowing everyone to be their most productive. Having work hours also allows you stop working and enjoy doing what you want to do without guilt or stress! Have the work-life balance you dreamed of while your commute has been reduced to the travelling to your home office.

Household with Children: **sidebar** I don’t have any children but it is my absolute favorite thing in the world to call my older sister Joscelyn during the day while she is home with my niece and nephew. Hearing them work through their various activities and school assignments is a joy and I love checking in on my sister to make sure her mind is still intact…LOL!**

I want to say it again, I do not have any children (Disclaimer, Done!), but I have been keeping very close tabs on my sister and the various things she has been doing to keep her 5 and 6 year old educated and entertained.

Based on my research, for children theme days are a HIT! Each day brings something new for the little ones to look forward to. Manage home (turned summer) schooling and fun activities and projects by creating a command center in the home. Pinterest has literally thousands of ideas that you and the family can work on together. Command centers give everyone a place to refer to as to what should be taking place when even when mom and dad aren’t around (you know when your off making a lifesaving trip to Target…LOL!) Most important tip of all: Be flexible! You will most certainly be tweaking and changing your routine, ESPECIALLY with children! Repeat what works; stop doing what doesn't,, and MAKE IT FUN!

Finally, remember creating a routine that works take time! Routines don’t come together overnight. Start with what is most important and build on that foundation. You won’t believe the time you will save by not having to makes decisions about what you are doing next! Even small decisions take time, so reclaim yours by doing a little advance planning. Stay consistent and you will find yourself less stressed, more productive, and able to enjoy more of the things you love. Don’t give up! You got this!

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