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OK if I could adopt Joelle I would. She has CHANGED MY LIFE and is still doing that!!! For the first time in 40 years she MADE me clean out this trunk. I moved all the way across the country and have thrown out 1/2 of what I moved!!!! I feel so organized and like UNSTOPPABLE!!! She is everything!!! YOU WOULD BE CRAZY to not hire her!!! Great personality and easy to work with, and comes up with great ideas. I ended up hiring her to do the whole house and we are in the middle of that process but seeing light at the end of the tunnel!!! She rocks!!!

Valorie, Client

Maya, Client

I hired Joelle to organize my bedroom and my beauty closet and she exceeded my expectations! She was fast and taught me how to put things away properly!

Vivian, Client

Joelle is fantastic at de-cluttering and organizing things around the house. I truly appreciated the fact that she was very cost conscious about the kind of organizers she purchased (beautiful ones, but pocket friendly) without compromising on the quality of her work. She is diligent, professional and hard-working. I have a very messy basement and she got it all tidied in no time. My kitchen cabinets are very thoughtfully organized now! Very happy with my decision to hire her services. I bet you'll be too!

Joelle from Shelf Life digs in to really help you and talk you through the overwhelming parts.Together we really made magic happen. I'm incredibly excited about my space and looking forward to getting to other parts of the house. It was eye opening and she is incredibly thorough.

Anne, Client

Ziru, Client

Joelle was such a massive help for me. I am graduating college student and have an unorganized and messy bedroom. My closet and desk had so much stuff I needed to say goodbye to. She helped me with packing everything I needed for my move, and she also helped me with throwing away piles of useless knick-knacks. Joelle was able to box upmy stuff and give me an inventory of what's in them. She was very easy to work with and extremely efficient. She even reorganized my closet and put unused clothes in my luggage so that it'd be ready when I'm done with school. She did a fantastic job, and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs organizing and packing help.

Carol, Client

Joelle gets right to work, after assessing what is needed. She responds quickly to direction, and works independently if needed. Her energy seems boundless--she's like the Energizer bunny. She seems to thrive on sorting and organizing--which I can find overwhelming. Very easy to work with.

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